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Many people dream of having a happy marriage but that dream is often blocked by fights over money and complex life decisions. People are hurting. Kiné understands and she has a plan. A prosperity plan to clear the path to happiness. Kiné created Prosperity Club Community to help couples get on the path to happiness. Don’t let money keep you from happiness, watch the video and join the club.

Join Prosperity Club to:

Increase the love and money in your relationship

Decrease the stress and debt in your relationship

Learn your money personality

Better understand yourself and your partner

Create and easy to follow prosperity plan

Pass on your knowledge to your children

Join the Prosperity Community Club

We offer virtual financial therapy for couples that want more love & money and less stress & debt in their lives.


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Khary Lewis & Wife

Love Money Second Marriage Same Person with Khary Lewis

  • By Steve Dreis
  • on Jun 15, 2018
Marriage-Divorce-Remarriage is a common love timeline we hear about, but probably not when it’s the same couple getting back together.
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Annie Coffman and Family

Love Money Kids Later with Annie Coffman

  • By kinec
  • on Jun 01, 2018
After you tie the knot, there is always that incessant question, with your partner or by others, of whether you.
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Deshelle headshot

Love Money Passion with DeShelle Burrowes

  • By kinec
  • on May 25, 2018
 When things are going great in a relationship, it feels beneficial to both partners, but when it’s bad, the.
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