You know how social media makes you feel like everyone has the key to happiness except you? Well, we offer online financial therapy coaching and courses to frustrated women and couples who want to feel more confident financially and romantically. We teach you a system that will help you stop comparing and start repairing your mindset, your money, your relationships, and your life. We call this system Prosperity Club.

Join Prosperity Club to:

Learn your money personality

Increase the love and money in your relationship

Decrease the stress and disagreements in your relationship

Better understand yourself and your partner

Create and easy to follow Prosperity Plan

Pass on your knowledge to your children

Share your journey

Join the Prosperity Community Club

We offer virtual financial therapy for couples that want more love & money and less stress & frustration in their lives.


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Love Money Tax Strategies

  • By Steve Dreis
  • on Dec 01, 2018
Tax season is soon approaching and it’s about time you gather all of your financial documentation from 2018 in preparation.
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USAA image

Love Money Credit Card Offers

  • By Steve Dreis
  • on Nov 15, 2018
The skepticism that comes with the idea of having a credit card stops many people from applying for one, but.
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Leah Marshall on Prosperity Report

Love Money Life Addition w/ Leah Marshall

  • By Steve Dreis
  • on Nov 07, 2018
A conversation with a friend can clear up some of life’s complexities. My good friend Leah Marshall and I love to.
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