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Want a free money and marriage consultation? Keep reading for more details or click here to complete the form to schedule and grab this limited time offer.

Would you agree that, many people dream of having a happy marriage, but that dream is often blocked by fights over money and complex life decisions? People are hurting. I understand that and I have a plan, a prosperity plan to clear the path to happiness.

It’s called the Marriage Money Mission and you can try it free. It starts with a free consultation and a 5-Day Love and Money Challenge. Complete the form to get started with your consultation here. You’ll also receive the 5-Day Love and Money Challenge starting April 30th. So you have to go now if you don’t want to miss it. Complete the form and schedule your consultation here. (

Do you argue in your marriage about spending money and having debt?

Do you and your spouse have differing opinions about how money should be spent, saved, earned, or invested? You’re not alone.

A study done revealed approximately 31% of all couples — even the happiest ones — clash over their finances at least once a month. The most common points of disagreements:

  1. Major purchases (34%),
  2. Decisions about finances and children (24% of respondents with kids),
  3. A partner’s spending habits (23%),
  4. Important investment decisions (14%).

These are the most common, but you may have some of your own. Tell me, how would it feel to have twice the love and money and half the stress and arguments in your marriage? Marriage is hard enough without having to worry about money constantly or if it’s being spent wisely.

What if I can assist you and your partner in learning your money personality, understanding your partner’s money personality, and help you create an easy to follow plan to reach your true heart’s desire? Join the Marriage Money Mission program today. It’s a library of money and marriage courses that also includes inspiration, insight, and accountability from me.

I created the Marriage Money Mission program to help couples eliminate money disputes, get on the same page financially, and on the path to happiness. Would you like to stay happily married and reach your idea of prosperity together? Of course you would. Take the money disputes off the table and join the Marriage Money Mission program today.

Want to grab your free Money and Marriage consultation and 5-Day Love and Money Challenge now? Click here to go to to schedule and get this limited time offer.

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