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Their marriage and money improved after experiencing financial therapy. Last year we spoke to Victoria and Greg Goebel about their personal experience with financial therapy. Victoria hadn’t looked at the couple’s finances in many years, until one day she decided she wanted to be more involved. Greg had been carrying the weight of making sure the family reached their financial goals and was feeling stressed about it. The couple went through Dave Ramsey’s program but that did not change their money mindset and programming. They needed financial therapy to do that. Turns out they fell more in love with each other and their idea of prosperity after completing the Prosperous Life Program.

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  • This episode is  a rerun from last year.
  • Prosperity is security. Having what you need right now and enough to save for the future.
  • Prosperity is freedom. Freedom of choice. Having fun. Balance between responsibility and fun.
  • I never thought about money being something you have relationship with.
  • I thought money was keeping me from what I wanted.
  • I thought people mysteriously become prosperous.
  • Programming makes us believe this and our brains collect evidence of the
  • Being a social worker and a minister I didn’t think we could have a prosperous life.
  • You can feel like, as a person who serves you shouldn’t want money too.
  • If you are not taking care of your own needs, who can you help. You can’t even help yourself.
  • I’m still shifting my idea of being successful. What does it mean to be me successfully.
  • Success is personal. The first step is believing you can get their.
  • You have to clear the space from old beliefs.
  • There were times during financial therapy that I felt so humiliated, but I pushed through.
  • I felt like we had gotten stuck. You helping us look at the emotions and the relational part was so cool.
  • We hold each other accountable for our budget meeting.
  • We are doing this together.
  • In our budget meeting we go through 11 agenda items.
  • On our index card we have our agenda and on the back we have our goals.
  • Share money lessons with children in a simple way, model it for them but also give them a little light lesson.
  • Be a lifelong learner.

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