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How many times have you tried to change your habits just to end up back at square one? Better yet, how many times have you expected someone else to change and gotten disappointed because they didn’t? Maybe it’s time to accept yourself, flaws and all, as you grow. No need to beat yourself up…just get on the path to healing. As you know you can’t change people, so go ahead and allow them to grow even if it is slow growth. In this episode we talk about how to do just that. We also talk about how to accept where you are in life…at this particular time.


  • Accept the past because you can’t change it.
    • What you focus on expands.
    • Shift your focus to acceptance.
  • Accept people just the way they are.
    • You can not change others.
    • You can only change or heal yourself.
    • When you are healed you are less triggered by others.
  • Accept where you are in life if you are not ready to change.
    • Don’t complain.
    • Say to yourself, “I accept myself as I am.” 
    • Before you can shift, you must accept.

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