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Pharmaceutical companies are creating new medication every year.  They are working hard to find the cure for every disease known to man.  So far they have been able to cure many symptoms but not as many diseases.  Companies are also trying to create new surgery procedures as an alternative to the medicine they create but this is still a solution to a problem that could create another problem.

What surprises me most is that there are fewer companies or discoveries about prevention.  Why do we wait for a problem to occur before we work on it?  Why not see what your actions are producing and stop before the problem occurs?  It is a lot cheaper to keep your body healthy than it is to cure your body of a disease.  It is a lot easier to not smoke at all than it is to try to quit.  It is better to stay a healthy weight rather than to figure out how to lose weight.

This statement transcends medicine and disease and is a metaphor for life.  Life can be a series of problems and solutions.  If we work to keep the problem from happening we would not have to solve them.

Here are a few tips to help you practice prevention.  I like to say, “put out the fire before anyone ever smells smoke.”


  1. Learn from others mistakes. If you have already seen someone else go down this road you know how it ends.  Be mindful of the great examples you have around you and utilize those experiences to give you good judgment.
  2. Learn from your own mistakes.  You have probably been down this road before and you don’t have to go back.  Again, you know how it ends.  Stop yourself.  Check the scenery does it look familiar.  Make a U-turn immediately and do something different.  Don’t start a fire that you know you can’t control and will have to put out later.
  3. Trust your instincts. You know before you do it that it is going to cause you problems.  List to that still small voice inside of you.  If you don’t be sure to remember your decision and to do it differently next time.
  4. Listen to good advice. If you can’t stop yourself or cure yourself go to a doctor, a counselor, a good friend and ask for help.  Listen to them and give them the respect of following what they say.  You trust them and you know they are right.
  5. Keep water close.  You should always have a way to save yourself.  You can prevent a fire if you keep things away from the flame, if you manage the flame and if pay attention to what you are doing.  Know what you will need to extinguish any problem and keep it close.


Whether it is your bible, your friends, your patients, your discipline or your daily activity you have the tools to practice prevention.  Put it in place. If you focus on preventing the problem you won’t have to cure it.


Prevention over cure…Now That’s Presidential!

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