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The ASK Kiné question is my new favorite thing:

If you have a complex life decision to make write to me and I will help you come up with the solution.   You will also get feedback from the other readers when they post comments.  I will not use your name, your submission is confidential.  And because it is a peaceful blog so I won’t let anyone slam you or hurt your feels but I want you to be ready for the truth and maybe a little tough love.  Whether you are concerned with relationships, career, finances or self-empowerment…ASK Kiné.  Email your ASK Kiné question to

My request to you:

When the blog comes into your email each week I ask that you to forward it to your friends.  When you see it on Facebook I ask that you repost it on your page and when you see the link on Twitter please retwit it.  The new Maximize Peace blog was created to spread peace to all that want it.  If you know someone who wants more peace in their life tell them to subscribe to the Maximize Peace blog.

Tell your story, promote your product or get advice.  The Maximize Peace blog connects businesses and individuals who are passionate about creating peace.  People visit and read the blog when they are looking to create more peace in their lives or when they have peaceful products, stories or services to share.

This year the blog has adopted a new name, we are requesting guest bloggers and we will later celebrate my new book.  I am very excited about all that is to come but nothing brings me more joy than the edition of the ASK Kiné question that will start in April. So in addition to requesting guest bloggers we want you to write in with your most pressing complex life decisions.  I want to help you make plans, make moves and stay activated.

Guest bloggers

We want to hear from you on these three topics:

The best advice you ever received.

The advice you wish someone would have told you.

How do you maximize peace or stay peaceful?

Submit your guest blog by April 30th to to be considered. Write about one or all three topic.  Share our peace with the world.

Last thing:

The blog has a new name: Maximize Peace

When you maximize peace you create your Presidential Lifestyle so get your consistent dose of peace and tell a friend.

Spreading peace…Now That’s Presidential!

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