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Whose more confident, whose stronger, whose better, men or women? It’s hard to say because there are benefits in both feminine and masculine energy. Society has filled our heads with stereotypes and judgments so we begin to believe that one is better than the other. These stereotypes and ideas get in the way of our connection.

The questions I answer in this mini course are, do these ideas really serve us and are they really true? I also address a way of seeing masculine and feminine confidence that you may not have heard before.

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  • There is confidence in both masculine and feminine energy
  • Women often get confidence from who they are, like; mother, wife, best girlfriend
  • Men find confidence in what they do, their accomplishments, and societal successes
  • Feminine confidence doesn’t necessarily mean sexy
  • Masculine confidence is push or forceful energy
  • Feminine confidence is pull or peaceful energy
  • Masculine is seen as confrontational while feminine is seem as conceding
  • Society separates us when we need each other
  • Men start using your feminine energy to draw your partner closer
  • Women
  • Start becoming more aware of opportunities to toggle between your feminine and masculine energy
  • Stop thinking feminine is weak
  • Stop rejecting one or the other, they are both important.
  • Continue doing what’s working…keep using your confidence how ever you can.
  • The more confidence you have the less courage you need.

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