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Where does beauty come from and who decided what’s beautiful? Beauty is revealed not applied is the motto for a cosmetic company called LAMIK beauty. The CEO Kim Roxie talks about how women are becoming more conscious about what they have on the inside as well as what they put on the outside of their bodies. Men don’t want a woman who is made up, they want a woman who is grown up.

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  • Beauty is revealed not applied
  • Man cosmetic companies have left out a big part of the market
  • It’s hard to find confidence when society tells you your not beautiful
  • Make-up can be used as a way to put walls up
  • Women have to realize that even if you hit a low point you can still get back to confidence
  • Make-up has come a long way
  • Have the confidence to disagree
  • Start moving forward with your dreams and ideas even if you don’t think you can do it on your own.
  • Stop thinking so much and take more action
  • Stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Stop judging others because you think it’s going to make you feel better.
  • Continue loving yourself enjoy to take care of yourself
  • Continue loving and taking care of the people you love
  • But stop pleasing others…that will not make anyone happy
  • Start revealing your true beauty on social media and in real life.
  • The way you talk to yourself will affect your actions

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