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Prayer for the big dreamer…

I was very moved by this prayer that my friend wrote and I think that many of us are in a place in our lives right now that we are so close to our next big dream and we just need to stay focused and keep dreaming and it will get here…Pray this when you[...]
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This is no ordinary party

Tell you friends, colleagues and family that from now on you will not be invited to anymore pity parties.  You are throwing a peace party and they are welcome to attend.  This post is to tell you how to host your own peace party.  Presidential Lifestyle is promoting peace parties and we want to see yours.[...]
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Would you like to be a better writer?

Today’s guest blog is brought to you by my new associate, Nikolas Baron.  He introduced me to  Read his suggestions on how to make your writing stand out more. Avoiding Clichés In Your Writing As I am sure we all know, writing the next great novel is no easy task. Making a story that[...]
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Next stop, Peace

This week’s guest blog is from my good friend LaToya Johnson who is deemed, “an incredible wife” by her husband Michael Johnson, who posted his guest blog on March 6th.  Before I ever met LaToya I loved her because Michael’s love and esteem for her radiated.  Once I met her she welcomed me with open[...]
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ASK Kine’…Guest blog request…Pass it on!

  The ASK Kiné question is my new favorite thing: If you have a complex life decision to make write to me and I will help you come up with the solution.   You will also get feedback from the other readers when they post comments.  I will not use your name, your submission is[...]
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