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ASK Kine’…Guest blog request…Pass it on!

  The ASK Kiné question is my new favorite thing: If you have a complex life decision to make write to me and I will help you come up with the solution.   You will also get feedback from the other readers when they post comments.  I will not use your name, your submission is[...]
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Maximize Peace…ASK Kine’…And You

  This year the blog has adopted a new name, we are requesting guest bloggers and we will later celebrate my new book.  I am very excited about all that is to come but nothing brings me more joy than the edition of the ASK Kiné question that will start in April. So in addition[...]
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It’s 2013, what are you doing to be more Presidential this year?

I am so excited about this year because I feel like I have had a steady flow of success for the last 2 years and I am sure this year will be the same or better. A few months ago my first book “The Art of Starting Over” A 30 day guide to creating more[...]
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