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My night with Oprah

I figured the best place to post my pictures from the Oprah “Life You Want” weekend was on my website  Even a doctor has to go to the doctor right….so I, the Lifestyle and Prosperity Coach went to a self-empowerment conference.  I found my daily dose of peace at Philips Arena last weekend and[...]
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Hey wake up, it’s your alarm clock…

Did you know that your alarm clock could be the start to your bad day?What sound does your alarm clock make?  Is it a disturbing, loud, uncomfortable sound? Does it make you want to throw it across the room? Why wake up uncomfortable? That is not a good way to start your day.You should awaken to[...]
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This is no ordinary party

Tell you friends, colleagues and family that from now on you will not be invited to anymore pity parties.  You are throwing a peace party and they are welcome to attend.  This post is to tell you how to host your own peace party.  Presidential Lifestyle is promoting peace parties and we want to see yours.[...]
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Keep CALM…Career and lifestyle management

Career And Lifestyle Management means having harmony between the things you have to do and the things you want to do.  Your whole life can’t be work, work, work.  The most peaceful life is one with a healthy mix of work, social, family and spiritual activity. All it takes is a little wisdom to understand how to pursue[...]
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What is the difference between successful and happy?

  First let’s define success; success is different things to different people. Some people equate success with how much money they have earned. Others judge success by the amount of freedom they have. While still others think of success in terms of how much they know or what degrees they have earned. It is my[...]
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Prayer of Protection

Our prayers don’t have to be long and detailed.  A prayer can be two words if that is all you need to say.  Words like: I surrender or hank you. Your higher power is listening at all times and nothing gets over looked even if it is only three words like: Give me peace. Bless my[...]
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