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My night with Oprah

I figured the best place to post my pictures from the Oprah “Life You Want” weekend was on my website  Even a doctor has to go to the doctor right….so I, the Lifestyle and Prosperity Coach went to a self-empowerment conference.  I found my daily dose of peace at Philips Arena last weekend and[...]
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This is no ordinary party

Tell you friends, colleagues and family that from now on you will not be invited to anymore pity parties.  You are throwing a peace party and they are welcome to attend.  This post is to tell you how to host your own peace party.  Presidential Lifestyle is promoting peace parties and we want to see yours.[...]
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ASK Kine’…Guest blog request…Pass it on!

  The ASK Kiné question is my new favorite thing: If you have a complex life decision to make write to me and I will help you come up with the solution.   You will also get feedback from the other readers when they post comments.  I will not use your name, your submission is[...]
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Buy “The Art of Starting Over eBook”

If you haven’t already purchased my book “The Art of Starting Over” I asked that you do it today. The eBook is only $3.99 on either Amazon and Barnes and Noble website which is less then a shot of your favorite liquor. The great news is the effects of the book are more intoxicating than[...]
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Join the Maximize Your Life Call

Dial in: 213-992-5193 PIN# 89129   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Why pursue happiness when creating peace is much more satisfying?  Atlanta, April 23, 2013. On Sunday, May 5th Author, Kiné Corder will host the Maximize Your Life Call, a lifestyle consulting strategy session that will help listeners determine where they are, discover where they want[...]
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