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Win – Win situation

Winner takes all and the loser goes home with nothing in a normal competitions. In sports, corporate America, on the playground and even in our relationships we are taught to keep the upper hand. Today I am going to ask you to embrace reciprocity and create win-win situation in as many areas of life as[...]
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Theme song: Do you know…

Do you know where you’re going to, do you like the things that life is showing you? Those are the lyrics to the inspirational song, “Do You Know,” by Diana Ross. If you don’t know, let’s talk. You could benefit from being a member of the Prosperity Club, joining Prosperity Coaching. You could start by[...]
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Financial Friday – When you can’t get out of your own way…

When you can’t get out of your own way…you need coaching. If you have given up on your resolutions, if you are stressed about money decisions, if your business is not profitable, if you are arguing over money, you need Prosperous Business Coaching or Prosperous Couple Coaching. You don’t ever have to make a resolution[...]
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Financial Friday – Is your daily activity prosperous?

Don’t be busy, be productive. Watch this video and learn how to create a prosperous life one productive day at a time.  It’s not always easy, but it can be if you follow proven habits of prosperous people. How do you stay productive? Share your comments. Productivity…Now That’s Presidential! Join the Prosperity Club Facebook group[...]
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Prosperity Habits – Do you set goals?

Write down your goals and visit them at least once a week but ideally once a day. It can also be a good idea to have a vision board or poster listing your goals where you can see it.  Watch this video for more ideas on how to become prosperous by setting goals. Having goals…Now[...]
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