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Financial Friday – Your network determines your networth.

Are you the wealthiest person you know? Do you have peaceful people in your circle? Are your friendships valuable? This video explains why you should not just have friends with money but also peaceful friends, pleasure seekers, and honest friends. If your network determines your networth, how much prosperity do your relationships reflect. It won’t[...]
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This is no ordinary party

Tell you friends, colleagues and family that from now on you will not be invited to anymore pity parties.  You are throwing a peace party and they are welcome to attend.  This post is to tell you how to host your own peace party.  Presidential Lifestyle is promoting peace parties and we want to see yours.[...]
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5 ways to forgive and forget

It is sometimes difficult to forgive someone when you are hurt by their actions.  Also, it is difficult to have closer or move on if you have not discussed the situation.  Forgiveness brings you peace while harboring ill feelings makes you feel sad, angry and disappointed.  None of these emotions are associated with peace.  Peace[...]
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ASK Kine’…Guest blog request…Pass it on!

  The ASK Kiné question is my new favorite thing: If you have a complex life decision to make write to me and I will help you come up with the solution.   You will also get feedback from the other readers when they post comments.  I will not use your name, your submission is[...]
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