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Win – Win situation

Winner takes all and the loser goes home with nothing in a normal competitions. In sports, corporate America, on the playground and even in our relationships we are taught to keep the upper hand. Today I am going to ask you to embrace reciprocity and create win-win situation in as many areas of life as[...]
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Day 1 Commit 

Each chapter is labeled by a day. It is a 30 day guide remember. So this is Day 1.  It is a short chapter because it just requires you to make a decision. The lessons you’ll have after today will be useless if you have not first made a commitment to indulge in all of[...]
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Hey wake up, it’s your alarm clock…

Did you know that your alarm clock could be the start to your bad day?What sound does your alarm clock make?  Is it a disturbing, loud, uncomfortable sound? Does it make you want to throw it across the room? Why wake up uncomfortable? That is not a good way to start your day.You should awaken to[...]
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Sometimes later is never

I know you’ve been told “better late than never” but that’s not always true. You may show up and it’s over; the opportunity may have passed.  Being late is disrespectful to the people waiting, to your dreams and to the Universe.  The world is not sitting around waiting on you to show up. Respect your[...]
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What is the difference between successful and happy?

  First let’s define success; success is different things to different people. Some people equate success with how much money they have earned. Others judge success by the amount of freedom they have. While still others think of success in terms of how much they know or what degrees they have earned. It is my[...]
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