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Biggest Fears And How To Overcome Them

We are born with 2-fears, the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. Any other fear is learned. Yes even your biggest fear. It may feel like you were born with it but you weren’t. You picked it from somewhere and it’s time to put it down. Here are ways to overcome your[...]
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Move Toward Your Dreams With Brielle Friedman

Are you feeling stuck? Do you know what it takes to get unstuck? My guest and I have some ideas on how to move toward your dreams. Brielle Friedman says moving toward your dreams starts with moving your body. In order to get unstuck you have to take a step. It doesn’t have to be[...]
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What’s Not On Your Resume?

What’s not on your resume is a question I ask professionals I work with who are either stuck in the past or too far in the future. I’ll reveal a few small changes you can make to update your life resume as well as your professional resume. Are you stuck in the past or are[...]
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Why You Need To Follow Your Dreams With Tarah Gee

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s most memorable speech is, “I Have a Dream.” He died living his dream and it’s still alive today. Are your dreams alive or are you letting them fade away? Well, I’m here to revive your dream and get you to take one baby step toward reaching them. My project manager,[...]
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A few of my favorite things that make life more enjoyable

I already know you love podcast, so in this episode I share a few of mine. I will also share a few books, apps, and videos that have shaped my business and guide my everyday activity. There is no magic bullet to success. The key to success is layered. One of those layers is learning…but[...]
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Presidential Lifestyle progress check Q2

You know how we say hard work is not the key to success at Presidential Lifestyle? Well today I want to share with you what is. Progress… If you track your progress you are more likely to succeed. Tracking your progress helps you get a clear picture of what’s going well, what’s not working, and[...]
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My Shift, My Story, My Gift

Shift happens…especially when you are in business. It can be a gift or it can be a burden, it’s all in how you frame it. Listen now to find out how to see your shift as a gift rather than a burden. I’ll also share more about my business journey and give you tools you[...]
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How to declutter your life and your business with Leann Pruett

Marie Konti became a trend over the past year with her Netflix show “Tidying Up” where she helps families unite by clearing their physical space. Well Marie Konti doesn’t have anything on our guest today, Leann Pruett. Leann teaches business owners how to get out of their own way and ace their space. She does[...]
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Using Belief To Grow Your Business

Some say business is hard, but in this episode we talk about what makes it easier. Agatha Achindu went from a 6-figure salary to choosing between walking to the grocery store with her last $10 or putting gas in her car. That didn’t stop her or send her back to corporate America because that’s the[...]
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Do These 3-Things To Reduce Stress And Hard Work

Episode Description: “I can’t wait to grow up and work hard”…said no kid ever. If we are honest with ourselves, nobody really wants to work hard. Give our all, do our best, give full effort, yes all of those, but not hard work. We learned the idea that hard work was the key to success[...]
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