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LOVE MONEY TEAMWORK with Elle Martinez of Couple Money

The topic of money can be a very uncomfortable conversation but one that needs to be prioritized amongst married couples. We are wired to think, speak, and act based on how we were raised or the environments we happen to be placed in; it becomes the norm of how we operate. Sometimes we have to[...]
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The next few episodes will get a little money heavy as we start our FinCon series. I want to introduce you to other money coaches, bloggers, and professionals. I think you will appreciate the knowledge and transparency they all bring as they share their story and resource with us. The next few episodes will get[...]
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 Though not the most intimate form of relating, sometimes it is beneficial to make use of the instant resourcefulness of social media. There are many success stories in the “we met on twitter” hashtag, so it is possible to do a search and send a message that leads to finding love. Today’s guests, Tia[...]
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Love, Money, Forsaking All Others

Once you make the decision to get married, you’re making a choice about who you want to be with, deal with, and grow with for the rest of your life. It’s a major life change that comes with a lot of sacrifice and compromise. When you shift your focus to one person exclusively, you recognize[...]
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Love Money Second Marriage Same Person with Khary Lewis

Marriage-Divorce-Remarriage is a common love timeline we hear about, but probably not when it’s the same couple getting back together again. The harmonious inquiry, “do you remember the time when we fell in love?” is like teetering on a risky fine line. Trying to make an old love brand new can either rekindle the romance[...]
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Love Money Kids Later with Annie Coffman

Annie Coffman and Family
After you tie the knot, there is always that incessant question, with your partner or by others, of whether you plan to have kids and when are you going to start. Sometimes it is the plan to start a family right when you get married, but it doesn’t always happen that way. Life is simply[...]
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Love Money Passion with DeShelle Burrowes

 When things are going great in a relationship, it feels beneficial to both partners, but when it’s bad, the couple suffers tremendously, sometimes one more than the other. A power struggle can begin when one person holds out or checks out emotionally. This sort of undermining can cause friction and result in a disconnect;[...]
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Love Money Abuse in Marriage with Porsha Jones

Research shows that on average couples don’t seek counseling until six years into their marriage, way after the chaos is too deep and the relationship is hanging on by a thread. To avoid getting to that point, it’s a good idea to seek counseling individually and as a couple throughout the entirety of your relationship.[...]
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Love Money Students with Bill Dwight of FamZoo #finhealthmatters

It’s very common that a child’s experience with money is the equivalent of winning tickets at an arcade; it’s a prized possession to spend immediately. On this episode, we discuss how kids can learn to be responsible money handlers at an early age by ultimately putting them in charge of their finances. Today’s guest Bill[...]
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