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Money conflict is the number one reason marriages end

Couples fight about many things—but, above everything else, frequency of money disputes remains the single best predictor of divorce says Leon F. Seltzer, PhD. in an article written in Psychology Today. Also, a study by Jeffrey Dew at Utah State University found the more frequent couples argued over finances, the more likely they were to[...]
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Your life isn’t just a balance sheet

Financial worries are one of the leading causes of marital conflict today. They are usually addressed in a cold, analytical manner. Budgets, cost saving measures, and spreadsheets are the standard tools in trying to solve these problems and accountants, financial advisers, and insurance agents are your go to people to solve these problems. Real life[...]
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Divorce Financial Planning, Part 4: 8 Steps Towards Thriving After Divorce

Finances are the number one reason why couples get divorced. That’s a fact. In this series, I have so far addressed preparing for, pushing through, and surviving divorce. Here, I will address how to successfully thrive and manage your money after divorce using some financial therapy techniques and stories. Financial therapy is a great way[...]
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Divorce Financial Planning, Part 1: 3 Steps to Prepare for Divorce

Preparing for divorce starts with acceptance, awareness, and detachment from material things, past ideas, and people’s comments. Then you prepare financially. In this four-part series, we will focus on a realistic view of what happens financially and what one can expect before, during, and after divorce. A marriage that ends in divorce has already gone[...]
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