Collaborating To Overcome Domestic And Financial Abuse – Part 2

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Does your home feel safe or scary? Do you wonder if you will be sucker punched verbally or physically? You may not, but millions of people are afraid in their own homes because of domestic and financial abuse. Your home should feel like a safe place, when it doesn’t it can cause fear and anxiety. I’ve worked with men and women who have been abused and who have been the abusers. You may have seen a Lifetime Movie about it, but for some, it’s not a move…it’s real life. In this episode we answer some of the frequently asked questions and we divulge some of the myths around domestic and financial abuse.


Recognizing signs of abuse:

– Feeling uncomfortable

– Knowing abuse does not just take place in physical forms

– Recognizing boundaries set in place from your significant other that limit you to human rights (i.e. learning to drive, having to ask for permission, having access to money)

Trust yourself:

– the feeling of uncomfortableness can be frightening but you know yourself and what you deserve.

– What you will allow will continue and possibly manifest into something bigger and worse

– Even if you feel like you’ve made no physical progress the precontemplation stage is still one step closer

You’re not alone:

– Order of protection  

– Learn to accept your circumstances and ask for help, you’re not alone

– Help is accessible

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