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Many of us are stressed financially and it shows in our sleep patterns, our eating habits, and even in our bodies. We don’t need anyone to tell us that we are stress, what we need is someone to tell us the cause and how to deal with the stress.

Mandyy Thomas is a the #1 Wealth and Wellness Coach at Presidential Lifestyle. With a wealth of experience in nutrition and financial coaching, she coaches high income earning professionals who are stressed and unhealthy, helping them repair their money, mindset, and their physical health.

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  • 90% of our thoughts are the same each day. We repeat the same worries.
  • Create a healthy morning ritual and a night routine that promotes sleep.
  • Stop believing that making more money will solve all your challenges.
  • Don’t put a bandaid on your challenges…go deeper and get to the root of the challenge.
  • Your belly fat could be a result of your financial stress or your stress eating.
  • Your financial stress could cause you to feel insecure and lower your confidence financially and personally.
  • Taking action builds confidence. Even baby steps count.
  • Financial stress can ruin a couple’s sex life. Making one or both partners believe that something is wrong with them.
  • Start having vulnerable conversations that let people know what you are experiencing. You are not alone.
  • Love yourself through the process
  • Thank your body for holding you together even though you put it through so much stress.

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