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“I can’t wait to grow up and work hard”…said no kid ever. If we are honest with ourselves, nobody really wants to work hard. Give our all, do our best, give full effort, yes all of those, but not hard work. We learned the idea that hard work was the key to success from society, but it’s a lie. It’s negative programming. Stop listening to quotes about hard work and listen to this episode now. I’ll prove to you that society is lying to you and I’ll tell you the real key to success, but first let’s shift your mindset around hard work to one that will really help you reach your idea of prosperity.

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  • What did you want to be when you were a kid…did you ever say you wanted to work hard?
  • 3-ways to work less
  • Check me out on YouTube here:
  • Where you did you get the idea of hard work?
  • I learned it from my grandparents, who passed it down to my mom
  • They worked hard
  • …but they also took the summer off to hang out with their grandchildren
  • They went to parties, vacations, and entertained at home
  • That was the part I forgot when I started my business
  • Maybe your programming came from caretakers or maybe it came from society
  • Stop listening to quotes about hard work
  • Flow comes when you are present and relaxed not when you are stressed and hustling
  • Everything that has to get done, does not have to get done by you.
  • Patients often notice that they don’t love their life or even like their life
  • Do you resent your life and your business because you’re working so hard
  • Do you love your life?
  • Did you know you can work less and still make a huge impact
  • Clarity is one of the keys to success
  • Be clear on what you control
  • Know where you are and were you want to be
  • Know the feeling that you want to have
  • Get support
  • Who is on your team? What team members do you need?
  • Who is your accountability partner for work and for play?
  • Start saying NO more often
  • Society tells us that saying no is a bad thing and it’s not true
  • When you say no, you can give more to the things you say yes to
  • Your brain believes that if you say no you will cut off your connections
  • Ask yourself “is this going to get me to my idea of prosperity?”


  • Get clarity
  • Get support
  • Say no more often
  • Stop listen to quotes about hard work

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