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Is it true that love is all you need to be happy in a relationship…or is money an important part of the equation?

A listener questions how to combine her husband’s philosophy that “love is all you needs” with her philosophy that financial security and love create a comfortable future. Andy Hill and I answer this question with deep thought and a little humor. Check it out now.

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  • How do you keep from becoming a failed marriage statistic
  • Opposites attract
  • Have a purpose or clear money mission
  • Plan out the fun.
  • Some people are present focused while others are future focused
  • Plan out your money at the beginning of the month or the month before to balance things out.
  • Have a conversation or meeting to help both partners get what they need and want
  • Know what’s fun for each partner and make sure it is part of the plan
  • Have a conversation that speaks your partners language
  • Communication is the key
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  • Learn your and your partners money personality
  • Then have a conversation about it
  • Take your time and be patient with your partner
  • Make the money day fun; add drinks, food, and a cozy atmosphere. Talk about your date night activities and cost associated with those activities.
  • Marriage takes effort
  • Plan your marriage like you planned your wedding
  • Keep the fun and add the planning with intentions
  • Set goals that excite both of you
  • Work at it like it’s the most important job you’ll ever have in your life

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