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  • By: Tisha Littlejohn
  • Date: Sep 13, 2017
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We never have fun anymore. We hardly ever have sex. We don’t have enough money. I am not sure if we still love each other.

Have you or your partner ever said one of these sentences?

Hopefully, you are reading this post before letting your relationship get to this point.

In one of my recent Facebook live videos on my @thepreslifestyle page I talked about ways couples can have more sex, love, fun, and money in their lives. This was such a fun post and many of our viewers thanked me for pointing out the deficiencies that were keeping them from living their best lives.

Couples will not always admit it but these are four things many couples want to increase in their relationships sex, love, fun, and money. In therapy sessions with couples I work to help patients feel comfortable saying these words out loud. I usually find that it is much easy for them to admit that they would like to decrease stress, frustration, arguments, and debt. In general, it is easier for a patient to discuss what they “don’t want” rather than what they “do want.”

Talking about what we want leaves us feeling vulnerable. Most humans do not like feeling vulnerable, even with their life partners. This is a big part of the reason why couples are not communicating better. Also, why couples are not having more sex, love and fun in their relationships.

When I address “voids” with my patients these are the four things that come up most often, yet they find it very difficult to talk about them. Society has taught us that if we want more sex we are a pervert or freak. It’s made us think that if we want more fun we are irresponsible. It has made is feel ashamed and needy if we want more love and it has told us that we are greedy if we want more money.

With statements like “money can’t buy happiness,” and “the love of money is the root of all evil” we have been programmed to dislike money and feel uncomfortable with it. This is a set up for a life of lack and a relationship full of money disputes. When couples can communicate, collaborate, and compromise on a Money Mission they can reach all of their heart’s desires together and enjoy their lives more.

A Money Mission is defined by the values and goals the family will hold around money. When the Money Mission is put into words, it becomes a Money Mission Statement. A Money Mission Statement can help one earn more money. When you know the exact amount of money you need to earn in order to live the live you deserve you become more strategic in your activity. When you couple that with the mindset shift that comes from training with your partner in the Money Mission program you increase your confidence and reduce frustration.

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