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This year’s blog is going to focus on Career And Lifestyle Management. All year I will work to give you a little wisdom here and there about pursuing your business goals without losing sight of your personal goals. It is important to excel in your career but you cannot neglect your personal life in the process. Understand that the word management does not translate into the word balance. However, it can translate into the word harmony.

Harmony is different than balance. You have harmony when things move together at a different rate, temperature or pitch. They move in a way so that they compliment each other, not compete with each other. When you listen to an orchestra all the instruments are not playing at the same time at the same pitch. Balance by definition means equal. You have to apply the same amount of weight on one side that you have on the other. Your career and personal life can move together in concert like an orchestra. They do not have to be balance. You only have so many days and hours in a week and in order to afford to have a personal life you have to give a good majority of your time to your business life.

Your work may call for you to spend 75% of your time at work and 25% of your time with your family. This may be the best you can do, the most realistic mix for the lifestyle you want to live. In a later blog I will give you a formula on how to figure out exactly how much time you spend in each area in your life. Once you have this answer you can decide if that is the life that you desire or decide if you need to make adjustments.

Do you want to love your life? Well in order to do that you have to have the right mix of career & lifestyle. You have to know when to do what you have to do verses what you want to do. Knowing where to apply the delicate mix between hard work, discipline, and sacrifice along with experiencing the attitude of carefree enjoyment makes for a harmonies life. It is not easy; it takes practice and attention but you can do it. We will figure it out together. I will share with you what I learn and you can share what you learn; the result will be our happy lives.

Harmony…Now That’s Presidential!

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