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What’s your idea of prosperity? Are you still trying to figure it out? Andy and I can help you with this today. We also discuss the Marriage Money Mission and how to set core values for your relationship. They say marriage is hard, we say marriage takes effort. With a few key lessons and a strong support system in place you can stay happily married. Check out this episode and learn something you can start using today to improve your marriage.

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  • Andy and Kiné what is your idea of prosperity.
  • Peace is my priority. Generosity and autonomy.
  • Freedom to pursue my passions.
  • How important is money in your life. Does it control you?
  • Master the game of money by reading and executing.
  • What conversations should engaged couples have before getting married.
  • Plan your marriage like you planned your wedding
  • Take more than 6-weeks in couples counseling to design your marriage goals. Do it for at least 6-months.
  • How do I want to show up in this marriage
  • Find out what you are bring into the marriage. Get financially naked. Talk about strengths and challenges.
  • Set up the marriage core values
  • Get an understanding of what’s most important to your partner and talk about what’s important to you.
  • Take the Marriage Money Mission Course…combine your ideas’ of prosperity and make it your mission. How do you want to earn, grow, protect, gift, and enjoy your money. You can reach your idea together: see below

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