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Episode Description:

Did you make resolutions this year about your health, wellness, fitness or nutrition? Want to know how to keep them?

Learn how to turn your resolution into a lifestyle. You don’t have to fail at your resolutions again…you can make it this time. Just follow the steps in this episode as Amy guides us and informs us on how to make getting yourself and your children or a healthier lifestyle.

The tips in this episode are so easy to implement and remember. You will be surprised but relieved at how actionable each small step can be.


  • Start now and make one small change per month with the steps that Amy mapped out.
  • We need too many servings of raw fruits and vegetables to get them all in so adding a supplements like Juice Plus can be helpful.
  • Juice Plus send children vitamins and supplements for free with the adult order.
  • It takes time to get children use to eating differently, so keep trying until you find something they like.
  • If you take care of yourself first you will have more energy and expertise to take care of the rest of your family.
  • Utilize resources like grocery pick-up and delivery to save time. Many grocery stores have started offering this option for free.
  • Try prepping ahead for meals and snacks so that you are not making decisions in the moment. We usually make unhealthy choices when we don’t have time to think.

Links from episode:

There weren’t any resource links but Amy did suggest getting a water bottle to carry with you.

She also suggested putting at a dish of healthy snacks at the beginning of the day and let your children take what they like.

She mentioned Juice Plus supplements, which she can tell you more about during your consultation with her if you would like to get gummy vitamins for your kids or snacks for you.

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