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Some employees can barely make it to work because they awaken with money stress each morning. So they take off work, but taking days off work causes more money stress. Employees do it anyway, because they don’t know what else to do. The companies, who are also losing money from employee’s absences, don’t know how to help, but it doesn’t mean they don’t want to. We explore ways companies can help their employees with money stress. It starts with awareness, but what do employees and employers need to become aware of? Michael Dickey from Fiscal Fitness Phoenix and I discuss it in this episode.


  • IDEA OF PROSPERITY: Michael’s idea of prosperity is doing what you love in life.
  • Michael recommended the Ikigai test try it here.
  • Money stress is caused by feel unfulfilled, fear of the unknown, debt, money timing, lack of education, money history, modern technology.
  • Money is not tangible anymore
  • The money stress stats vary by company but it tells us there is a problem.
  • Some studies say it’s as high as 80% of employees use company time to overcome money stress.
  • Employees are using 12-20 hours a month dealing with money
  • It cost companies $3,000 – $8,000 dollars per employee per year.
  • The affects of money stress significantly impact a companies bottom line
  • USA Today reported companies see as much as a 300% ROI when utilizing financial wellness programs
  • Continue searching for the right program, course, or financial course to help you make the wanted changes you need to overcome financial stress
  • Start looking at your finances to get clarity
  • Stop being ok with your money stress
  • Talking about money can by fun. Add some spice to your money day conversation can add spice to your relationship over all.
  • BEST ADVICE: Put your bills in order of due date rather than in categories

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