Many people asked me why I added Body by Vi to my life when I was already very busy.  The answer is simple it was in line with my current goals.  I looked at the vision board I created in January and 6 of the things on my vision board were in line with the Visalus business model.


  1. The number one thing on my vision board was to finish my second book and submit it to the publisher by May 1st.  I accomplished that goal.  So I now had room for something else.


  1. The next thing was to create multiple streams of income; Visalus can help me do that.  And the other income will come from my financial planning practice and my Presidential Lifestyle consulting, speaking engagements and products.


  1. Then I wanted to help others create financial security and Visalus can help me do that.  I want to teach the people around me to fish so that it won’t be lonely at the top.  I want all my friends to be healthy, wealthy and happy.


  1. Health has always been a priority of mine.  It is important for me to look good and feel good so I work to eat healthy, workout and live a low stress life.  The people I surround myself with will hold me accountable and motivate me to keep this goal.


  1. Partnership was one of the biggest reasons I decided to take on the challenge.  My friend and now business partner Tara Brooks told me she would help me.  She expressed that she understood how important my financial work and writing were to me and she promised that she and the rest of the team would support me.  This was what pushed me to take action.  I have been a solo entrepreneur all my life; I was ready for a team.


  1. The material girl in me put a BMW X5 on my vision board.  I had one before and I want it again; I love that car.


To top it all off I wanted to have a target market for my financial planning business that came from one area so that I could become the expert in that industry.  There are so many successful people in Visalus and I want them as my clients.  I want to show them how to build wealth and keep it even if Visalus goes away.

These are my reasons; you may find your own.  Think about what is important to you, think about the New Year’s resolutions you made, think about that business you want to start and think about what you need in your life to create your Presidential Lifestyle.

Taking the challenge…Now That’s Presidential!

If you would like to lose weight or earn additional income send me an Email and I will tell you how.

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