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Marie Konti became a trend over the past year with her Netflix show “Tidying Up” where she helps families unite by clearing their physical space. Well Marie Konti doesn’t have anything on our guest today, Leann Pruett. Leann teaches business owners how to get out of their own way and ace their space. She does this by not only helping them to decluttering their office, but also their mindset, so they can take their business from cluttered to clear and full of clients and customers.

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  • Prosperity is having resources; physical and mental…ability to do what I want to, abundance not lack
  • Clutter is anything that gets in the way of your goals.
  • Clutter can be problematic
  • Physical clutter plays at what’s happening mentally
  • Seeing parents get attached to their basement clutter helped Leann understand some of her own limitations
  • Letting go isn’t easy, but sometimes it’s necessary
  • Sometimes it’s your mindset that won’t let you get rid of clutter
  • Get rid of your negative mindset first so when you declutter, you can keep it that way
  • Clutter is a stressor
  • Clutter can isolate you
  • How do you know if you have clutter…you have to look at what comes between you and your goals.
  • One example, if you want to entertain at your home but you don’t want to bring people into your home before cleaning for two days then you may have clutter.
  • Everyone has a different threshold for clutter
  • Clutter can show up as simple daily distractions
  • Use the ACE system; Accessing, Clearing, Empowering
  • Ask yourself the tough questions
  • What is the biggest pain point in your life?
  • Start with the easy… the smallest room or challenge and get yourself a big win from a small accomplishment
  • Stop being lazy and take the extra second to put things back where they belong
  • Start doing a 10-15 minute daily sweep
  • Find a space and a place for everything

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