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Have you been complaining and fussing about the way your life turned out? Do you feel like you wish you could change a few things? It’s easy to feel that your life is beyond your control or that your dreams are out of reach. Occasionally, bad decisions or bad luck can put you in a place where you wish you could do something different. You can! You can love your lifestyle.

The first step is admitting that your life is not all bad. There is something good amongst you and you should recognize it. Also, recognize your accomplishments. You have done positive things and you should be proud of them.

Next think of the things you like most in life and begin enjoying them again or more often. Eat more chocolate, go to more concerts, cook your favorite food, hang out with your fun friends, do little things that make you smile. You should write a list of all the things you like and commit to rewarding yourself with them as often as necessary. If you see yourself working hard and getting tasks done pick something from your list and reward yourself with it.

While you are at it create a list of your needs and who can give them to you. Be realistic and plan to give other what they need in return. Be clear as to what your needs are and begin to vocalize them so that you will attract them. Be careful not to complain. Being vocal means setting expectations and suggestions so that those around you are clear on what makes you smile.

Delegate some tasks so that you are not so over-whelmed. Everything that has to get done doesn’t have to get done by you. This may even give you a chance to teach someone else something they can use to succeed in their life. Let go and get the help you deserve. You do not have to do this all at once. Take one task at a time. Slowly work these habits into your life until you can truly say, I love my lifestyle.”

Stay active doing things that make you smile and eliminate the negative as much as possible. If you don’t like it change or adjust it. Use your power to create a happy lifestyle. Your happiness is an important part of the world, your world that is. There is nothing more special than looking forward to the influence of tomorrow.

Loving your lifestyle…Now That’s Presidential!

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