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Each week I am featured on a podcast, this week I talk to Andy Wang from Inspired Money. Check it out.

Inspired Money is the money podcast that delivers inspirational interviews, interesting people, and valuable takeaways. Each week host Andy Wang interviews a guest to help listeners get inspired, shift their perspectives on money, and achieve incredible things. From making it to giving it away, inspired money means making a difference, creating something bigger than oneself, and making the world a better place.

In this episode, Kiné Corder and host Andy Wang discuss:

  • A little bit about our brains and money.
  • 7 different Money Mentality types.
  • How couples can take advantage of having an accountability partner, and the power of working together rather than competing against one another.

Kiné proudly joins the ranks of Inspired Money guests that includes: Zak Penn, award-winning screenwriter of Ready Player One, Colin O’Brady, two-time World Record mountaineer, Linus Roache, Golden Globe nominated actor in Homeland, Jim Kimo West, long-time guitarist for Weird Al Yankovic, and others.

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