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Is it ok for a couple to have separate accounts? There are pros and cons to this decision and we will discuss them today. Another question we will address is, “does the person who handles the money have the most power in the relationship.” Couples sometimes fight over who should handle the money in the relationship or whether it is best for each to handle their own relationship. Andy has his views and Kiné has hers. What’s yours? Listen to this episode and comment. With a few key lessons and actionable tips, you can stay happily married. Check out this episode to learn something you can start using today to improve your money, mindset, relationship, and/or life.

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  • The person who likes handling the money is the easy answer but what if both want in on the action?
  • Creating a formula that is right for your relationship.
  • Maybe one person does 30% and the other does 70%.
  • Get a trusted third party to help resolve conflict.
  • It could be a course, a coach, a workshop, an accountant, or a financial advisor.
  • Separating accounts is often about distrust and avoiding the touch conversations.
  • Two people saving in the same account multiplies the accounts.
  • Andy says, some couples find success with separating accounts.
  • Kiné says, another option is to have all money go into one account and then distributed it to all the other accounts.
  • Each partner can have their own fun account to eliminate the judgment of each partners purchase.
  • You can use a resource like to give everyone in the family their own account.
  • No matter who handles the money there should be one plan.
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