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We all have gifts we just need to find the few things that are broken about us and fix them. Some people have love but no money. Others have money but no love. Many people are pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside. There are those who have power but people don’t like them. Some people are shy to speak but have an incredible message. We all have talents, gifts, blessings and features that stand out. Sometimes those features stand out in a good way and sometimes they stand out in a way we don’t enjoy, those are our insecurities. Insecurities can make us or break us so we have to gain control over them. We have the option to accept them or change them.

We should use the talents we have to their fullest, but that doesn’t tell us what to do with our weaknesses. You should first try to strengthen your weaknesses but ultimately you should put your energy toward delegating those weaknesses.

Think about the things you are uncomfortable with, the things you cover up or complain about. Are there ways you can improve those things? Then why don’t you. If you don’t like your grammar take a speech class, if you are overweight change your eating habits and workout, if cosmetic dentistry is the answer ask your dentist for advice. Color your hair, getInvisalign to straighten your teeth, go to the dermatologist or get a very sexy bra from Victoria Secret. Do what makes you feel better.

You should feel 100% good about yourself. That means getting to the root of the problem. Do not have surgery on your body when it is your mind frame that needs to change. Find positive things about yourself to premier while you work on the imperfections. If you cannot think of anything you like about yourself you are going to have to first change your way of thinking. You are being negative and judgmental. This way of thinking is unproductive and will not allow you to enjoy yourself.

No complaining, no excuses and no blaming others. Know what is good about you and what you are willing to adjust. Give serious thought and come up with a plan for how to make the necessary changes. Next take action with the idea that you are preparing yourself for a successful future where you love yourself and you love your life.

You may not be perfect in anyone else’s definition of the word but if you feel perfect and confident about yourself that is all that matters. Once you have identified your weaknesses, whether they are mental, physical or emotional, decide if and how you can strengthen them. Put together your Extreme Dream Team and give yourself a makeover. Find a Dentist, Therapist and Personal Trainer. Once that is done you have made the rest of you match the best of you inside and out, so it should all work out fine.

Making adjustments…Now That’s Presidential!

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