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Research shows that on average couples don’t seek counseling until six years into their marriage, way after the chaos is too deep and the relationship is hanging on by a thread. To avoid getting to that point, it’s a good idea to seek counseling individually and as a couple throughout the entirety of your relationship. This can help one heal the emotional wounds they are carrying. On today’s episode, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Porsha Jones outlines how a marriage can suffer from abuse and infidelity, and offers an approach for successful empathizing with each other to rebuild trust in the relationship.

Marriage is ultimately a lifelong commitment to be in a partnership with someone. Aside from being in love, having the ability to show respect and accept any flaws that your significant other may have is a sign of readiness to join together as one. In the midst of this new lifestyle, there are still two different individuals who have different wants and needs. Things can get tough when there are no clear lines of communication or compromise.

The cycle of abuse is not always visible to the eye. It starts as a silent mind game that forces one partner to doubt their ability to freely share their feelings, while the other partner acts as the aggressor of what should be safe space. That power tactic can cause one or both partners to an eventual break that leads to divorce. One source of a seemingly damaged marriage is infidelity – sexual or financial. These are both major offenses that can be traumatic to the partner that feels betrayed. However, both partners hold some of the responsibility in the infidelity. The secrets and disrespect create a domino effect of detachment leaving both partners with voids.

Before any wedding planning, sometimes even the proposal, couples have to fully know what their standards, morals, and values are, to see if they align. Recognizing you and your partner’s love language is a way to fully live out those values. Each partner may want to examine how they can be the right partner, rather than focusing on having the right partner. If both parties focus on being their best selves they will have the best marriage. Because even though opposites may attract, that opposing characteristic should be a point of learning and not a vigorous debate of who’s right.

“Marriage is powerful”

Today’s Love and Money idea: 
What are the takeaways

  • The foundation of your relationship before marriage will shape the effectiveness of communication with your partner within that union. When both partners put up a constant effort to listen for understanding, they can find strength through disagreements.
  • Keeping an open dialogue about how to handle finances with your partner will set boundaries so together you can measure what’s affordable and where you can splurge. Being present in your relationship and your marriage can suppress the need to hide information.
  • Taking ownership in the heat of marital chaos is reassurance for your partner that the relationship is worth working on to become better as a couple. Whenever a mistake is made, prepare to deal with it honestly.

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Comments (2)
Charlotte Forester / June 27, 2018

I am hoping you can direct me to a website/person to council a 28 year marriage. I want to give up, but if something can be done to help, I’m all ears
Thank you

kinec / June 27, 2018

Charlotte, I am so sorry to hear that your marriage has been so difficult. Don’t give up yet until you know for sure that you all can’t accept each other or grow together. There may still be a possibility, let’s explore…and if not you know you have done your all. I will send you a personal email.


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