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How can being yourself improve your marriage? Acceptance might be the key or is true love when someone is willing to change for you? Certified life strategist Roshon Thomas, says, “you have to know who you are in order to define what a “happy” life looks like.” It is exhausting trying to be someone you’re not. It can also be embarrassing and disappointing when the truth comes out. Do you feel like you can be yourself around your spouse? Do you allow your spouse to be him or herself around you? Get the keys to being yourself during this fun episode.

Certified life strategist Roshon Thomas, aka Coach RoRo sits down to talk about how you have to know who you are in order to define what a “happy” life looks like. You have to do an honest self-check of everything about you, flaws and all, to build a proper foundation in a relationship.

In marriage your values must align and when they don’t you are in trouble. Assess someone’s presence in your life by asking [tough] questions and taking notes. Do their values align with yours? Are there any conflicting beliefs? It’s true that opposites can attract, but life situations, especially dealing with money deserve a more intense analysis.

Observe your significant other’s views on money and how they handle their funds. Find time to discuss each other’s money mentality as a way to keep peace within the relationship. If necessary, financial counseling will open up the conversation to get on the same page regarding the subject. Just because the values don’t start out the same doesn’t mean you can’t evolve together.

Making the choice to level up from a platonic to romantic relationship is a smooth transition when you understand the person with whom you are involved and accepting them for being just that. A lot of times people fall in love with the idea of someone’s potential, not knowing if they will ever live up to it. Then once there is a deeply rooted love, the thought of changing the person comes into play, which can cause resentment from both partners.

Love is truly accepting a person for who they are without the thought of transforming them. Always trust that the person you initially took an interest in is who’s right for you. This will lead you towards growth within the relationship and as individuals.

“The friendship is very important. We were friends before we got together.”


Today’s Love and Money idea:

When it comes to being yourself in marriage focus on a few key things:

  • Remember who you were and who your partner was when you decided to get married. Allow them to change at their own pace and communicate your growth gently.
  • You don’t have to do everything together. You can both have separate interest.
  • Accept your partner for the money mentality they have coming into the marriage and work together to adjust it over time.


5-Minute Activation:

Our 5-Minute Activation segment explains the Money Cycle. At Presidential Lifestyle we define the Money Cycle as Earn – Grow – Protect – Gift – Enjoy your money. How you navigate the Money Cycle will determine your lifestyle.


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