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When you sincerely take in the process of romantic relationships, you will be able to establish a concrete standard for what you are looking for in a mate. It’s hit or miss and it’s not easy, but you will never know how something will turn out until you at least try it; experience every possibility that might lead to something greater in life. Love is a force of nature that can be an uncertain journey but very rewarding if you put yourself out there. Soul mates do exist. All you need are a few commonalities to jump start you in the right direction.

The moment you get a second chance at finding love again, it is a great opportunity to accept the unexpected.  You’ve been down this road before and can feel the difference of someone being right for your energy, especially if you are going through another marriage. A second love gives perspective that includes reasoning without blame. Take the lessons learned from previous relationships, even if detrimental, and implement a better strategy to become the model partner that you needed so that you can have a positive impact on your new mate.

Paul and Sherene Vasey both experienced unfulfilling marriages before they found each other. For Sherene, the excessive heavy lifting she did to appease her spouse was an overbearing burden and Paul checked out of his marriage based on nothing changing in the relationship. As divorcees, the two were able to connect and explore the simplicity of enjoying each other’s company and taking things day by day. They are a couple who understand the value of being gracious and enjoying what’s in front of you.

The Vaseys are both an integral part of the financial world. Sherene has worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years and Paul is the founder of Cash Crunch Games, a website that puts a fun spin on learning about money.  On today’s episode, Paul and Sherene discuss the importance of having some capacity of financial prowess and not measuring how well you are doing based on what you see from others. The way you handle business and attain financial success is a personal feat that only you and your spouse will decide for your marriage.


“Some people believe if some is good, then more must be better.” 


Today’s Love and Money idea: 

What are the takeaways

  • Communicate with your spouse on all topics that affect the both of you. Whether it has to do with the household, your feelings, your needs/wants, it all should be discussed. Seek understanding so that each of you can acknowledge what’s necessary to keep progressing within the marriage.
  • Use the knowledge you have to grow together. It’s not about struggling, but rather educating each other. The ability to pick up wherever your spouse lacks is an essential trait to propel each other to your highest potential. Your strengths will balance out certain areas in your marriage, making you an unstoppable team.  
  • You don’t have to make distressing money mistakes. Sometimes you understand what money moves to pursue by watching how others handle their finances. It can serve as a helpful tip for financial literacy and preparedness for specific goals where your money will be essential.


 5-Minute Activation:  

Did you know there is a business said to marriage. Love is important but you’ll need more. The love side to marriage keeps your fire lit….but the business side keeps the lights on. Be read to be a team player and learn to disseminate and delegate the business.  In today’s 5-Minute Activation I give you 2-tips to help navigate the business side to marriage that can take the attention way from the love. 


 Next Episode Preview:  

What brings you stress? For many people money is the leading cause of stress? It’s also the number one reason couples get divorced. How would it feel to be stress free when it comes to money? How would it feel for the money and love to just flow in your relationship? Sound impossible? Well Chris Peach of Money Peach talks about his money journey and gives actionable steps to reach financial flow.

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