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Their marriage and money improved after experiencing financial therapy. Victoria Goebel hadn’t looked at the couple’s finances in many years, until one day she decided she wanted to be more involved. Greg had been carrying the weight of making sure the family reached their financial goals and was feeling stressed about it. The couple went through Dave Ramsey’s program but that did not change their money programming. Only financial therapy can do that. Turns out they fell more in love with each other and their idea of prosperity after completing financial therapy.

We explored a real financial therapy success story on today’s episode. The couple talked about the challenges before, during and after going through the Marriage Money Mission and Prosperous Life Coaching Program.

The most interesting thing was during the Prosperous Life Coaching Program only Victoria went to coaching. She was able to share what she was learning with Greg, some of what he knew and some new information too.

The couple tells us about what they felt was the most challenging parts and they talked candidly about there feels (negative and positive) through out the process. Greg revealed some of his guilt for wanting Victoria to help but also how territorial he had become with the finances. Victoria talked about here idea that Greg was superman and that he would figure it all out.

“We realized very earlier on what a great investment financial therapy was for us.”

Today’s Love and Money idea:
When adjusting your Money Mentality focus on 4 things:
Identify your past money history and programming.
Find the support you need to adjust and shift your behavior.
Track your progress along the way
And celebrate your wins.

5-Minute Activation: 
Doing this 5-Minute Activation we discuss 3 things you can learn. Being a lifelong learner can help you create the idea of prosperity you crave. Whether learning more about your spouse, yourself, or money there is always something to learn. When you are curious and explore on a deeper level you come realize that having a library of resources, books, and courses can be valuable.

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