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Once you make the decision to get married, you’re making a choice about who you want to be with, deal with, and grow with for the rest of your life. It’s a major life change that comes with a lot of sacrifice and compromise. When you shift your focus to one person exclusively, you recognize that you want to discover more about someone else; it will be a lengthy learning experience.

No matter what turbulent event that happens within your marriage, you have to continuously choose to make it work. As husband and wife, the public promise to stay faithfully bound together creates a marriage bond that will test the strength of the commitment you made to each other. Today we chat with Gloria Lewis about the importance of prioritizing your marriage and honoring the statement of dedication you made to your spouse.

Marriage can definitely open doors for new life experiences as long as you stay committed to what you vowed to do. The trust factor in a relationship guides how well a couple fit together; selflessness and support play a big part in becoming the “perfect” match. As Gloria tells us, she and her husband Craig connected instantly when they first met and were able to build a genuine relationship. The trial period of getting to know someone creates the standard of what you can expect from each other. If it works out you can have a friendship that leads to a much more intimate relationship, eventually shaping a sacred union of what the two of you started together. The initial starting point of a companionship sets the tone for the mutual understanding of needs that have to be met for a successful bond and lets you know the temperament of your partner.

“Everybody has their own marriage and their own way of doing things”

Today’s Love and Money idea: 

  • Saying “yes” to a life partner is also an agreement to accept who that person is regardless of the flaws they may possess. You knew who they were when you met them so you have to continuously make the choice to deal with the growing pains that come along throughout the relationship.
  • Marriage is hard work, but can be a valuable institution if your combined efforts lead to suitable communication. Having “check ins” for your marriage minimizes the chances of confusion of intention.       
  • The relationship built within a marriage is a necessary component of being a great example for your kids. A child’s actions are based upon what they observe from their parents interactions. Children ultimately become what their parents portray.
  • Married life is essentially team building, which means you always have to communicate with each other the necessary goals for the relationship. You can no longer make decision blindly without consenting with your spouse.
  • Be committed to the process of growing as a couple without the interference of other people. While family and friends may offer their opinions or advice, you have to stay in sync with each other to figure out what’ best for you.

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