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The next few episodes will get a little money heavy as we start our FinCon series. I want to introduce you to other money coaches, bloggers, and professionals. I think you will appreciate the knowledge and transparency they all bring as they share their story and resource with us.

The next few episodes will get a little money heavy as we start our FinCon series. I want to introduce you to other money coaches, bloggers, and professionals.  

Traditional marriage vows involve many promises of working through the toughest of times. We have progressed to where people are taking it upon themselves to write their own vows and give a more personal viewpoint on what they look forward to in their marriage. No matter what you decide to say, your vows are the forever pledge to honor your spouse unconditionally. Those expected phrases such as “for better or worse” or “for richer or poorer, are essentially tests that will challenge your determination to stay when things start to fall apart.

One key issue that comes up in marriage is finances. Whether it is about income, spending, saving, or splurging – money is the source of many opinions about what to do with the funds. When financial issues arise in your relationship, it is imperative that you properly communicate with each other to lessen the stress of figuring it out. That means you have to make decisions together and compromise the best course to take in reaching a solution. Today’s guest is Jill Emanuel who at one point along with her husband was $50,000 in debt and met with a financial coach to help in getting control over their finances, which includes money management and understanding the value of a dollar.

Now a financial coach herself, Jill shares her story about how she and her husband worked together to overcome the shame of even having money woes. She speaks about how they went from thriving careers to having to cut back on expenses while maintaining as a family of four. With discipline and a system for financial success in place, the couple was able to eventually pay off their debt and stay on a path of making better choices that aligned with their goals. Jill can now share what she’s learned with clients that come to her to get assistance in improving their money behavior.      

“Your money needs to be supporting your values for your life to feel worthy and for you to feel like you are living the life that you want.”


 Today’s Love and Money idea: 

  • When your money gets tight, have a sit down with your partner to assess your financial situation so you can keep tabs on any adjustments that need to be made to your lifestyle. Be honest and reasonable in determining what you can go without.
  • Once you come to terms with acknowledging your money problems, it’s okay to share your concerns with a trusted friend. You don’t have to go into detail about what you’re going through, but they can possibly give suggestions on where to find help. More likely than not those other individuals have been in that position before.
  • Find common ground in the financial goals you have. Work as a team to articulate your needs and wants to establish the important aspects of handling your money. Create the vision for what your life looks like and why money can help, then goal set from there.  
  • Your past does not define who you are. It’s not a failure if you can understand where you went wrong. The money mistakes you’ve made can be rectified; it’s all a learning experience. You can decide at any time that you want to start over in a different financial direction. Once you know what not to do, your intentions will be clear as to what you need to do in order to make positive progress towards fixing your finances.  


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Next Episode Preview:

If teamwork makes the dream work why is it so hard for couples to get on the same page financially? We talk to Elle Martinez of Couple Money about the steps couples can take to connect and combine their individual ideas to create their Marriage Money Mission. Debt, arguments, distrust, and confusion make combining finances and setting financial goals scary. We understand that, that’s why Elle and I uncover the pain points that keep couples from truly playing team. It takes two prosperous people to make a power couple. So listen to this episode of you are curious to see what you can do to improve your couple money strategy.


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