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As the old saying goes, “save for a rainy day”. It’s important to set aside money just in case of emergencies and even for basic living expenses. Most people live their life day by day, which isn’t a bad thing, but you always have to think one step ahead to be ready for when the necessary occurs. The wrong insurance quote can leave you stressed rather than relieved.

It’s important that you have a plan because without it you will be lost as to what to do in urgent situations. Though not always easy to talk about, death is inevitable and the one thing that is guaranteed in this life will one day end.  If you have a spouse, children, business etc., you have to think about who will be the decision maker in your absence even if it’s years down the line.

Life insurance is a highly misunderstood topic. It’s not always seen as a priority because people are paying attention to what they physically see (personal possessions). By law you have to have auto insurance and home insurance in case of an accident, damages or a fire. But as an individual, you are the most important asset who is currently taking care of these material items.   

On today’s show, Allstate Agent Marc Turim takes us through the process of determining money goals, being aware of risky situations, and starting a savings early in life to prepare for retirement. The preparation that comes with ‘what if’ can be an overwhelming experience. That’s why getting an insurance quote can’t be a fly by decision. One must take this serious whether it is a life, auto, or any kind of insurance quote.

You don’t have to know it all at once, but be mindful that things do happen and you don’t want to be searching for the information as events happen. Having insurance transfers risk and removes any anxiety or fears surrounding uncertainty of the future. Knowing that anything can happen at any given moment encourages a mindset of saving money and preparing.        

If you are in the later years of life it is still imperative to build a plan for the unexpected. Understand what you’re striving for and the difference between your wants and needs. Put long term and short-term goals in place to shape your commitment to better living. Get insurance for every part of your life; you will be at peace knowing that you’re covered.       

“It’s important to have some emergency monies available and a backup plan so that you can deal with those bumps in the road.”   

Today’s Love and Money idea:

  • It’s a great idea to get life insurance when you’re younger because the rates are lower and you have more time to save.
  • Create a dependable financial plan to assess the funds that are coming in and going out. It may be helpful to write it down or save it in a spreadsheet so that you can physically see what you have available.
  • Because life is constantly changing, prepare yourself for the unexpected. Take control of being protected from any surprises that may affect your livelihood.
  • Do your research! There are always new trends and products on the market that work to improve insurance options. Seek professional assistance to help guide you on what’s available.    
  • Insurance quotes are not just about saving 15% or more or naming your price. What you are really naming is your peace of mind. Who do you want on your side in the even the unforeseen happens.

5-Minute Activation: 

There are things you can plan for and things you will just need to prepare for. I describe this difference in this weeks 5-Minute Activation. The difference is one you have some control over and the other you have no control over. I give you tips on how to navigate this delicate mix so that you stay on the path to happiness. So I hope you listen all the way to the end to get your 5-Minute Activation.

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