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Annie Coffman and Family

After you tie the knot, there is always that incessant question, with your partner or by others, of whether you plan to have kids and when are you going to start. Sometimes it is the plan to start a family right when you get married, but it doesn’t always happen that way. Life is simply by chance and sometimes when it doesn’t happen as you’ve planned, you have to continue to live your best life and not stress yourself out over the whys. On today’s episode we are joined by Real Estate Agent Annie Coffman who ultimately made the decision to wait to have children and is now the mother of a three month old son.

Motherhood is a privileged role to be in and was once considered a top achievement and priority of a woman. The traditions of parenting have changed over time. Taking on that responsibility is optional. In the age we live in now people are waiting to have children later in life and changing the standard of what’s an acceptable age before the “biological” clock begins to tick. In Annie’s case, after about two years of marriage when the thought of children came into play, but didn’t happen, she and her husband made a conscious choice to accept the fact that kids might not be in the cards for them. Some years later when her friends began to have kids, Annie changed her tune of the possibility of really wanting a child: she envisioned her life waiting for the arrival of a granddaughter.

When the plans you have for your life aren’t taking flight right away, use that time to make new life experiences, continue to go after your goals, and grow closer to your spouse. That waiting period can be beneficial in your preparedness of what to look forward to. Acknowledge that you are in charge of your own life decisions however or whenever they come. And though you can’t really be ready until you know exactly what you’re getting into, enjoy the process as you trek towards  where you’re trying to be. It’s worth it to take initiative in living your best life. Focus on yourself, your relationships, and build a village that will support you in every stage that you cross in life.

“There are lots of ways to be mothers and there are lots of kids who need mothers”

Today’s Love and Money idea:

  • Just when you get used to your life being managed in a certain way, there is always a possibility to have a change of heart, and that’s okay. Sometimes you have to meditate over what you see for your life to truly feel a peace over your life decisions.
  • In a marriage, you have to the learn your spouse’s commutation style; take note of the issue at hand and pay attention to what information you choose to process and respond to.
  • The advice of someone who has gone through what you’re currently going through may be relevant to your situation, but it also might not. Take what works for you and figure out the best approach to what best fits your needs.
  • Even if your mind is wired to think that you have to be in control of every task for it to be right, be grateful for those who do offer to help you out and take off some of the workload. Extra hands and help can sometimes be a godsend – even with your direction.

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