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This episode helps couples create awareness and fairness around arguments. The question is not will you fight but how you fight. Some of the happiest couples in the world fight. They fight fair however, and they stay away from hidden sneak phrases that they can’t take back. Want to know the 4 behaviors that lead to divorce? Listen to this Prosperity Report episode and share it with your married friends. This post gives you a taste of what we discussed.

Wanna know the secrets to a successful marriage, Kine speaks with special guest Kristen Rocco to help give insight on the tools necessary to build a marriage mindset. As a self-proclaimed professional love story-teller, with credits that include The Huffington Post, Bridezilla, Blog, and, Kristen helps couples find the strength and beauty in their love story.

Some of the biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss. After a year of research Kristen and I discovered the behaviors that kill marriages. Since our focus is on how to stay together we think you might benefit from learning what “not” to do.
If you are married, the goal is most likely, to stay happily married as long as possible, or forever, right? In order to find success towards getting to that point, you have to understand what could contribute to unhappiness for your relationship.

This discussion highlights the four behaviors that most likely predict divorce – Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling.

Once you break down the factors of how couples think with a selfish mindset, you can shift the thought process to get on the same page and accept each other’s differences. In our conversation we talk about ways to do this in love and money. If you can let go of the need to control the conversation or hold your partner’s emotions hostage, you can get really far in your relationship and finances.

“It takes shifting your mentality to realize that you can create new chapters in your love story every day.”

5-Minute Activation:
Our 5-Minute Activation segment is on “being right or being happy.” I use a personal story to explain how this mindset can make or break a marriage. You can start using this tip today. Choose happiness today and beyond. Whether financial or otherwise…if either of you wins you both lose. Think win-win.

Today’s idea:
1. Understand how to become a unified team in life, love, and money.
2. Learn how to grow in honest communication for relationships to thrive.
3. Answer these questions:
a. How can I adjust my behavior in my relationship for a better life?
b. How can I act in a way that builds more love into my relationship?
c. What is one small change I can make about being right to have better finances?

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In Episode 2 I talk to money blogger J. Money about how he accidently bought a house, what he’s learned after 10 years of marriage, and how he and his wife execute their Marriage Money Mission.


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