Though not the most intimate form of relating, sometimes it is beneficial to make use of the instant resourcefulness of social media. There are many success stories in the “we met on twitter” hashtag, so it is possible to do a search and send a message that leads to finding love. Today’s guests, Tia and Travis Davidson, who actually connected through Twitter, enlighten us on the process of building an honest relationship offline.

In this day and age of social media, what could be a boring day at the grocery store looks like a celebrity shopping spree. The quick accessibility to someone without physically experiencing their real life or presence has become the norm. You can’t really believe what you see. We are in the generation of constant scrolling, swiping left or right, and shooting your shot by “sliding in the dm”. Going out to events to get to know people does still happen, but it is no longer the highest form of interaction. For that reason we get distracted by what life looks like online versus what life truly is.

Social media often turns real life into fiction. Blind sighted by the marriage myths they saw in society Tia and Travis decided to create their own marriage mission. After experiencing pre-marital counseling and a conference at their church the couple committed to bringing 100% rather than 50/50. Many couples can connect to this story and learn to give the joys and pains of marriage equal attention on social media to embrace authenticity.

The millennial mind has a fresh take on love and relationships. With the rise of dating apps and online communication, there is often a casual approach to romance. Travis and Tia have been married for two years and built a strong foundation using their common beliefs. Even though they are a younger couple, they received marital wisdom from their church and seasoned couples to clarify the myths of what marriage should look like. Everybody’s relationship is different so you have to work at being your own relationship goals.

With there being so many opinions on what’s right or acceptable in relationships and the roles of men and women, it can become very draining trying to decide what tactics work best for you as it relates to partnership. Tia created The Millennial Wives Club blog as a way to connect with other women to discuss what goes on in a millennial life. It is a community that includes wives, fiancés, mothers, and hopefuls.   It’s a growing tribe of forward thinkers making their way through life.


Today’s Love and Money idea: 

  • Marriage is a ministry and you have to make room for God to be in the center of your union. That force is the starting point for the goals you have and your expectations of yourself and each other. You have an assignment to fulfill as husband and wife and the only way to guarantee you’re on the right track is to constantly seek out God.
  • Dating is the blueprint for what you are looking for in a lifetime mate. You get to test out your standards while actively pursuing a potential partner. It’s an investment of time and should especially be taken as a serious task. Do a reflection of who you are (or have become) based upon your attachments to certain people.       
  • Get to know the interests of your spouse. This can help you take on an active role in properly supporting their endeavors. Your being there speaks volumes to the oath of forever. If it’s important to them, you can show that you believe in their goals and can push towards progress to reach them.  
  • Being in the millennial age, young adults don’t always think about how to wisely spend or save their money. We are living in a very trendy time where you have to make an impression on your peers to be likeable or reputable. There aren’t many significant money conversations happing amongst millennials – make time to truly discuss finances and determine the relationship the both of you have with money.  
  • Falling in love with the plan is more important than falling in love with the fairytale.


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