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A Marriage Money Mission can help reduce arguments, delegate responsibilities, and keep you on track to reach your goals.  Find out how to do this with ease by following the steps J. Money and Kiné discuss in this weeks episode. Want to know the 5 Cs of a successful marriage? Wondering how you and your partner can get on the same team financially to win the money game? Listen and get tips to lead you to your Marriage Money Mission.

Kiné and J. Money, award winning personal finance blogger from, discusses how having a Marriage Money Mission will help reduce arguments and confusion over money. It’s important to have the “talk” about the relationship you have with money and how it affects your spouse/significant other.

Get tips on how to align your money goals so that you can reach your financial and personal goals. You’ll hear real life stories on how to get to know your partner’s money mentality as well as their love language. J. Money’s approach to prosperity is having the freedom to do what you want and in this episode you will see how he and his wife achieved this idea by creating a plan and a Marriage Money Mission.

After all, the point of everything is to be happy and have fun,” J. Money told Kiné. What can you do now that will lead you towards financial freedom?

“If you don’t have your money together, money rules a lot of decisions for you.”

Today’s Love and Money idea:

To truly elevate your Marriage Money Mission, practice the C’s of financial therapy:

  • Communication
  • Compromise
  • Collaborate
  • Consistency
  • Celebrate

5-Minute Activation:

Our 5-Minute Activation segment helps you determine your Money Mentality when navigating the Money Cycle. At Presidential Lifestyle we define the Money Cycle as Earn – Grow – Protect – Gift – Enjoy your money. Which Money Mentality are you, Saver, Spender, Blamer, Enthusiast, Artist, or President?

Take the quiz to find your Money Mentality at:


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In Episode 3 I talk to Keeping It Wild Board Member, Roshon Thomas. Roshon talks about how she and her husband find joy in being together and apart. She explains why it’s import to keep your identity and remember to be yourself. Hint: Remember who you married and remember why your partner married you. Find out more in the next episode of Prosperity Report. Subscribe now to get notifications when this episode airs.


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