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Marriage-Divorce-Remarriage is a common love timeline we hear about, but probably not when it’s the same couple getting back together again. The harmonious inquiry, “do you remember the time when we fell in love?” is like teetering on a risky fine line. Trying to make an old love brand new can either rekindle the romance that was once there or it can open old emotional wounds that might’ve not been fully healed while the two of you were together the first time.  So often we build relationships with people, grow close and eventually fall apart because of miscommunication. If you go your separate ways, does that really have to be the end? Does absence truly make the heart grow fonder? On today’s episode, Khary Lewis takes us through his journey of divorcing his wife and eventually remarrying her once more.

With two partners on opposite ends of their marriage, it’s pretty hard to reconcile in the heat of the moment. Having someone you love make the decision to opt out of the commitment you made to each other can be a means to assess what went wrong during the union. As Khary explains, he didn’t want to get divorced, but he had to concede to his wife’s request of a break up. During the time that they weren’t together, they dated other people and eventually found that they were a missing link in each other’s lives. Sometimes in order to have a rewarding reunion, you have to reconsider what made your marriage successful in the first place. Though things went wrong, there was something that worked because you did decide to be together at one point.   

Time is a great teacher of patience and self-discipline. If you love a person who you’ve separated from and want to try that love out again, go for it. Certainly you know that person and what they’re like which could be a turnoff, but it can also be a turn on. Consider what attracted you to that person and go from there. Your familiarity with one another can help in better understanding how to make things work. Find comfort in sharing your thoughts in addition to listening to what your spouse has to say. Because you’ve been down this road before, let the second time around be valuable. Love is an experience; a journey.

This was somebody I was willing to do everything with.

 Today’s Love and Money idea: 

  • Always forgive and forgive again. Whether you’re marrying the same person a second time or staying in the same marriage, you’ll experience old memories that aren’t so great. Starting fresh can bring peace. Acknowledge those moments but don’t linger, to be better for each other the second time around.     
  • Your relationship will always be a work in progress. It may take some trial and error but you can learn from your mistakes. Set your ego to the side to handle issues with honest communication.
  • Remember the things that attracted you to each other. Do whatever it takes to reignite the initial reason you chose to commit to that person and never take each other for granted.
  • There is an art to starting over and taking a pay cut is sometimes part of it. Remember you can always build up again. Letting go of material things today can often bring you more peace and even abundance in the future.

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Forsaking all other, did your vows say that? What does that mean to you? Did you know that statement included parents, friends, and even children? In our next episode we hear from Gloria Lewis (Khary Lewis’s mother), retired Big Brothers, Big Sisters CEO about her strategy for putting the marriage first for over 46 years. She gives couples practical advise on how to be flexible and accepting even in the painful moments. Oh and here is a hint, Gloria says your probably going to get your heart broken at some point during your marriage so marry someone worth it.

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Audrey / July 2, 2018

I could not be more proud of the loving, kind, intelligent, compassionate husband and father that Craig Khary has become. I’m so glad he i there to give such needed and worthwhile advise to other young couples.

Imogen / March 7, 2019

Your site has outstanding material. I bookmarked the website


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