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The topic of money can be a very uncomfortable conversation but one that needs to be prioritized amongst married couples. We are wired to think, speak, and act based on how we were raised or the environments we happen to be placed in; it becomes the norm of how we operate. Sometimes we have to unlearn what we were taught to effectively change bad habits, especially if it affects our livelihood. A couple has to merge their beliefs so that they are practical for one another. This means each individual has to put their money past on the table without restriction; this should be a no judgment zone. Talk about your relationship with money, your fears about money, the money mistakes you’ve made, and what you learned from them.       

On this episode, we have a chat with Elle Martinez about the benefits of teamwork when it comes to handling financial matters. Elle is the author of Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money and the creator of the Couple Money website – a community for couples to sift through resourceful information about how to find common ground in dealing with their finances.  

The beautiful thing about marriage is that you are enlarging a territory for two people, who have a certain perspective with different skills and gifts, to work together and build the life they want joined as one. It does require consistent effort from both parties to stay unified when making major decisions. When things get hectic, that is the most suitable time for a couple to utilize their uniqueness and brainstorm how to move past the discord.  


“Often financial opposites attract, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.”  


Today’s Love and Money idea: 

  • Working towards financial stability within your marriage requires a levelheaded understanding of the minds. If you’re not on the same page, it’s best to discuss the commonalities of a specific money goal so that together you can rebuild your money mindset.
  • When you combine two different money patterns, it allows a couple to evaluate each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This can help in setting up roles that each partner can have when tackling money tasks such as paying bills, budgeting etc.   
  • It’s okay to seek professional help when trying to get your finances in order. A specialized individual can serve as extra support and accountability for you staying on track of mapping out your desired money mission.
  • There are many options available for receiving information on financial planning. Give consideration to the system that will work well for you, your lifestyle and values.  


 5-Minute Activation:  

Be curious to see how your plan will unfold. Don’t try to predict the future or focus on the past. We often say things like, “it’s always been this way,” or “we’ve tried everything.” These statements make it tough to simply enjoy the process. I’ve said before that you have to fall in love with the plan, but don’t get attached. The same way you may be in love with your spouse, but you allow them to be themselves. Are you doing that? Be curious to see how your partner will grow and be curious to see how your plan will flow. Shift your self talk from absolutes like “always” and “never” to “I wonder”… This is a teamwork tip that can help reduce the need to control everything.  

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