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Think positive and everything will be awesome, right? Wrong! Many people think manifestation and the law of attraction are about positive thinking. Guess what, positive thinking is a small part of it but there is something bigger.

We talk all about it in this episode and give you a clear path to manifest confidence, your idea of prosperity, or anything else you want in life and business. You are already a powerful manifestor, you’re just manifesting what you don’t want. Listen and find out how to shift from manifesting more pain to manifesting true power.


  • You are a powerful manifestor, your just manifesting things you don’t want. 
  • Why, because you focus on what you don’t want and what’s going wrong
  • Shift your focus to your strengths and what’s going well
  • What you focus on expands
  • What you resist persist
  • You get the lesson until you get the lesson
  • Focus on “WHAT” not “HOW”
  • Your job is to know what you want
  • The universe will do the work to figure out how
  • Remember there is something happening underneath the soil
  • Language is the key to communicating what you want
  • This is where positivity comes in, if your language is more positive you will produce more positive results
  • Visualize and day dream; but remember to put the feeling of having with it not the feeling of wanting
  • STOP
    • Thinking and dwelling on the negative
  • START 
    • Changing your language to what you want and appreciate
    • Visualizing
    • What 
    • Getting clarity on what you want
    • Taking courses and getting coaching
    • Sharing your positive beliefs with powerful achievers like yourself

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