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Money rules have changed but the money books haven’t. So how can you win at the money game when you don’t have the right rulebook? You can’t. Maybe that’s why reports show that Millennials are unhappy financially.  Conor Richardson says, “Millennials have new money challenges that their parents and grandparents didn’t have.” He walks you through the changes and helps you to prioritize paying off debt and saving. Listen now.

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  • Prosperity is being able to spend time with your loved ones without worrying about money.
  • Conor takes readers through a 6-step process to get away from paycheck-to-paycheck
  • When you don’t think about money you think about the things you are passionate about.
  • Distancing yourself from debt can distance you from stress
  • 50% of Millennials are financially unhappy
  • A lot of the money rules are different for Millennials, times have changed
  • Debt is going up and purchasing power is going down
  • After you take car of debt, take care of emergency fund
  • A slush fund is 3-6 months savings to cushion you
  • Emergency fund is for things like sickness, car trouble, true emergencies
  • Conor recommends $3,000 for emergencies funds
  • House your emergency fund and slush funds in two different accounts and even a different institution
  • Save yourself heartache and

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