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The saying goes, “Money can’t buy happiness,” but is it true? Maybe the person who said that was either broke and never tried or rich and didn’t know what made them happy. So I guess what they are saying is earning a certain amount of money won’t guarantee you happiness. But a certain amount of poverty won’t guarantee you happiness either. So what’s the point in bringing it up?

Whether you have money or not you have the option to choose happiness. Which one would you choose; happiness with money or happiness without? A study sponsored by National Geographic showed that money can add to your overall life satisfaction, mainly because you are able to fulfill needs and wants. Without money you may have to refrain from certain activities, sacrifice to do them, or wait for the right time. This could mean you are postponing your happiness.

The level of happiness doesn’t raise much after about $75,000 annual income. Based on the study, this is because happiness is achieved when you do not have to worry about basic needs. Add to that, when you are able to be yourself and when you are proud of yourself, it’s easier to create overall happiness. The problem is, many rich people stop at being able to afford needs and wants and forget to explore self-pride and peace of mind.

True happiness is experienced through the environment you live in and the mindset you develop. It is both internal and external. All though your level of happiness doesn’t adjust much after $75,000 annual income, your level of life satisfaction can go up. This idea only works if you can tell the difference between pleasure and happiness. Pleasure goes away, like after you eat chocolate. Happiness lingers, like the feeling you get from watching your child’s first step.

Another differentiation that needs to be made is, don’t mistake acceptance for happiness. You may accept your circumstances, maybe because you lack the power needed to make the changes. Well, acceptance is necessary sometimes, but this is not true happiness, this is true surrender. When acceptance leads to surrendering the door to happiness opens. You can then find wealth in all of its forms, whether financial or otherwise when you surrender. The next step however is action. If you do not move through the door you may not experience happiness.

One of the first steps you have to take in becoming happy is to define your idea of prosperity. Prosperity means different things to different people. Usually, prosperity has a monetary component and an esoteric and existential component. The idea may be hard to describe in words because it is a feeling and not a place, but if you reach for them you’ll find that they’re there.

In my work as a psychotherapist who specializes in financial therapist I discovered there are three things that make up prosperity. They are power, peace, and pleasure. When you create these three things in your life you begin to have the life you dream of. Learning how to navigate the money cycle along with this “3P” discovery you find happiness. There are exercises and activities one can explore to help them navigate the money cycle successfully, as well as define their idea of prosperity. You can find out more about them in the Prosperity Club.

Self-awareness is really the key. Simply put, money makes you more of who you are. Money doesn’t make you evil or greedy unless you already are. Money doesn’t make you generous and giving, unless you already are. So if you are unhappy and you get more money you will then become more unhappy. Get it?

In order to discover your idea of prosperity determine what makes you feel powerful, what brings you peace, and understanding the different pleasures in life. Life satisfaction doesn’t come from money alone. It is a combination of the love you receive, the pride that love gives you, the things you achieve and accumulate, the gratitude you feel, and the purpose you serve. All of these things lead back to power, peace, and pleasure. All of these things add up to happiness. And all of these things are discovered in financial therapy. So, money can buy happiness if you invest some of it in financial therapy…


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