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Don’t let anyone tell you that your heart’s desire is wrong. As long as you are not hurting anyone along your journey, your desires are valid. Do you subscribe to any of these ideas?

  • If you want more sex in your life you are a pervert.
  • If you want more love in your life you are desperate.
  • If you want more money in your life you are greedy.
  • If you want more fun in your life you are irresponsible.

In my Prosperity Master Class I discuss the joy of knowing your heart’s desire. I also discuss why knowing your Money Mentality (money personality) can keep you from committing financial infidelity. This is especially helpful for married couples who find themselves arguing over money. Knowing your and your partners Money Mentality can bring peace to an otherwise stressful conversation.

What I know for sure is….it is ok to have desires, as long as you know what’s important and you put those desire in perspective and prioritize. When you watch this Prosperity Master Class you will walk away with a few tips and tools to help you along your journey as you navigate the Money Cycle to reach your hearts desire.

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Enjoy the video and have a prospers day!

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